6 tips for keeping the cancer away with you

6 tips for keeping the cancer away with you

World Cancer Research Foundation has made it clear that the bad eating habits can lead to more than 30 kinds of cancer. The cancer deaths per year in patients with 1/3 are related to poor eating habits. In your daily diet, you should keep in mind the following key words, as far as possible to block cancer from the mouth.

1 one to eat “fresh” to help prevent cancer

A number of international research points out that eat more fresh food to help prevent cancer. WCRF found that eating more fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce the incidence of pharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer and other types of cancer incidence. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, carotenoids, vitamin C, flavonoids and other active ingredients have anti-cancer effect. Especially cruciferous vegetables, containing quinones and phenols. Can dilute the carcinogenic substances and accelerate the removal of the body. Phenol can prevent cancer cell metabolism.


People should eat at least 400 grams of fresh fruits and vegetables every day, preferably including red, green, yellow, purple and other colors. On the contrary, do not eat the moldy food. Peanut, soy, rice, noodles and other mold, which can produce a strong carcinogen aflatoxin, can lead to liver cancer, stomach cancer, etc.. In addition, as far as possible do not eat overnight food, place the time of more than 8~10 hours of vegetables often contain nitrite, and furthermore, the more number of heating the more content it will be.

2 eat light salt

High salt diet has a close relationship with the occurrence of gastric cancer. Japanese cancer research center found that based on 4 million middle-aged people for a period of 11 years of follow-up study, for men, the people with more salt suffering from gastric cancer risk is two times higher than the normal person, and in women, the risk is not reach two times, but it is still obviously higher risk. The researchers said that this is because the human body after eating too much salt, the high salt osmotic pressure will cause direct damage to the gastric mucosa, resulting in a series of pathological changes. High salt pickled foods contain a lot of nitrite, which can be combined with the amine in the food into a nitrite, has a strong carcinogenic. It is recommended that everyone eat maximum 5 grams of salt per day.

When doing cooking, you should also pay attention to the existence of hidden salt, such as MSG, soy sauce, sauce, seasoning package which also contains salt and need to control the dosage. In addition to eat less salt, light diet should also control the amount of meat intake. The United States National Academy of Sciences report noted that the fat has the most closely relationship to cancer, especially breast cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer. The World Cancer Research Fund advice, weekly livestock meat and poultry meat intake should be less than 500 grams, do not eat is the best, as far as possible eat less produced meat.


3 to eat coarse food due to the dietary fiber to stimulate gastrointestinal motility

Lack of dietary fiber in food is one of the important reasons for the increase of cancer patients in recent years. All kinds of food is the source of dietary fiber, but by the impact of processing, more dietary fiber loss. So people had better try to eat some coarse food. Dietary fiber rich foods include: black rice, corn flour, oat noodles, fresh corn, millet and other staple food; mushrooms, Flammulina velutipes, peas, beans, garlic, wild rice stem vegetables; pomegranate, mulberry, pear, kiwi fruit, jujube and other fruits; black sesame seeds, pine nuts, almonds, walnuts and other nuts. After the dietary fiber get into the body, it can stimulate the gastrointestinal motility, promote defecation, and reduce intestinal absorption of carcinogens, prevention of colorectal cancer.

It is recommended that the beans with less fat but more fiber, not only can effectively reduce the risk of endometrial cancer, due to contain more antioxidants, but also to prevent breast cancer. Whole grains also contain calcium, magnesium, selenium and other trace elements and rich in vitamins, which can promote the metabolism and enhanced physique. Among them, selenium is a kind of anti-cancer substances, which can tied carcinogens together, through the digestive tract in vitro. Recommend in the daily diet increasing roughage intake. For example, the naked oats flour, corn flour and flour mixed with together.

4 to eat bitter food, such as citrate enhanced resistance

Many people reject a little bitter food, however, bitter foods have a good anti-cancer effect. Lemon, orange, grapefruit, grapefruit fruit have bitter, because they contain a kind to be called bitter lemons of material. The bitter lemons of material is a kind of plant chemicals, usually found in the mature fruit, the content of lemon fruit. Years of research found that the efficacy of lemon bitter in enhancing the immune system is obvious, which can help cancer patients to enhance the resistance.

American studies have found that the consumption of citrus juice or orange juice can absorb lemon bitter, which have preventive effects on oral cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer and other. Citrus fruit also contains a variety of flavonoids and carotenoids, also have anti-cancer effect. American studies have also found that other natural bitter substances in food also have a certain role in health care. Such as lemon and grapefruit, naringin, tea polyphenols in tea, and red wine and chocolate polyphenols, they are help to prevent cancer and heart disease. Bitter quinine extract can enhance human immunity, help control blood sugar. So, must eat bitter anti-cancer diet.


5 to eat “acid” food to inhibit the cancer cell growth

Vinegar is the most common condiment in the kitchen of the Chinese people, containing a variety of amino acids and organic acids. Study confirmed that vinegar contains an enzyme that has a bactericidal effect, which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and reduce aflatoxin carcinogenic. In addition, vinegar can prevent high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar, reduce fatigue, etc.. Putting some vinegar when doing cooking, both healthy and delicious.

In addition to vinegar, yogurt is also common sour foods. US studies have confirmed that often drink yogurt can inhibit tumor. Researchers for the ancestors of mice suffering from cancer, they can be divided into two groups. A group of feed in the yogurt, the other group does not add. The results showed that the tumor was significantly inhibited, compared with the latter, the tumor cells were reduced by 30%~35%. The researchers believe that lactic acid can help inhibit the breeding of harmful bacteria and other harmful bacteria, and can devour carcinogenic substances to weaken its carcinogenic. Yogurt is good but not over eating, adult every day do not exceed 400 grams, unless it is calcium demand a lot of pregnant and lactating women or developmental stages of teenagers. Hyperacidity should avoid drinking before meals, fasting intake can promote defecation.

6 drink tea to block the formation of cancer cells

Physiological functions of tea be too numerous to enumerate. Refresh the mind, improve efficiency; lowering blood pressure and keep healthy; nourishing liver and improving eyesight, anti-radiation, anti-cancer; anti-aging to prolong life. Tea is the best way of keeping good health of mankind.

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