Don’t drink Coffee after drink wine

Don’t drink Coffee after drink wine

In daily life, some people used to drink a cup of Coffee after the drink, while they think “wine together with Coffee” can be sober. In fact, it is really not good to drink Coffee after drink wine. After drink wine, the alcohol will soon be absorbed by the digestive tract, and then enter the blood circulation system, then will directly impact the gastrointestinal, heart, liver and kidney, brain and endocrine systems, which suffer the most is the brain. If you drink Coffee after drink wine, the brain will be transferred to the extreme excitement, speed up blood circulation, increased cardiovascular burden, and the body damage will be even more than alcohol itself.


Within drinking white wine 30-60 minutes, or drinking red Wine 1-3 hours, the free alcohol in the body will reach a maximum value level, so please don’t drink Coffee in this period. The best way to relieve headache after drinking is to drink some honey water, because the honey contains fructose, which can promote the decomposition and absorption of alcohol, improve blood glucose levels. In addition, tomato juice is also rich in fructose, so eat tomatoes can play a sobering effect.


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