Earn These Unique Badges in New Apple Watch Activity Challenge on August 25

Earn These Unique Badges in New Apple Watch Activity Challenge on August 25

New Apple Watch Activity Challenge August Credit: Kyle Gray / Apple

But while the new Activity Challenge celebrates the Grand Canyon, you won’t actually have to travel to Arizona to complete it. Instead, finish a walk, run, hike or wheelchair workout of at least three miles.

As Apple notes in its description of the challenge, three miles (or about 4.8 kilometers) is about the distance of a round trip on the Grand Canyon’s beginner-friendly Cedar Ridge hike on the South Kaibab Trail.

Unlike the actual trail in the Grand Canyon, users will be safe from encounters with the mules that populate the trail. That may sound like a joke, but the National Park Service notes that mule-related injuries aren’t unheard of on the trail.

The challenge is fairly unique because it requires users to complete a specific distance. Most other unique Activity Challenges only require Apple Watch owners to complete a time-based workout.

While it obviously varies depending on a person’s pace, the average person walks about 4 miles per hour. Based on that, the challenge could take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete if you’re walking on flat ground.

Once you complete a three-mile workout, you’ll earn two unique Apple Watch award badges to add to your collection. As with other Activity Challenge badges, you’ll be able to show them off in Messages and FaceTime.

Apple regularly holds various unique Activity Challenges inspired by monuments, locations, anniversaries or specific holidays.

Just this week, Apple had a China-exclusive Activity Challenge in honor of the country’s National Fitness Day. Back in June, Apple celebrated the International Day of Yoga with a yoga-focused Activity Challenge.

Other challenges in the past included the 2018 International Women’s Day Challenge, which required that users double their move ring. Earlier this year, Apple enouraged users to close their exercise ring seven days in a row during the February Heart Month Challenge.

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