New iPhones Will Come in Dark Green without ‘iPhone’ Branding, Sketchy Rumor Says

New iPhones Will Come in Dark Green without ‘iPhone’ Branding, Sketchy Rumor Says

Green Iphone 2019 Concept Credit: Instagram / Mema

The report was spotted by Slashleaks and a Redditor this week, but the original post actually surfaced late last month on Chinese social media site Zhihu. Again, the information is reportedly sourced from a former Foxconn employee in China who recently quit.

While the so-called “leak” seemingly reveals new information about the 2019 iPhone lineup, the source of the information is still unverified. Here’s what you should know.

Interesting Details

The apparent leak, which is actually just a list of bullet points, should really be split into two categories. Much of the information has already been corroborated or verified by past leakers and analysts with existing reputations.

Some of the other details, on the other hand, appear to be completely new.

For example, the alleged Foxconn employee says that there will be a total of four color options: black, white, gold and a new “dark green” color.

According to the source, the dark green color looks similar to the shade on the Sony Z5 and will be “the most beautiful color this year.”

Past reports have suggested that the 2019 iPhone XR successor will come in new lavender and green shades. But there’s been no word that the color options could come to Apple’s OLED handsets and another leak suggests that the new iPhone XR green color will be lighter than a “dark green.”

Iphone Xr2 Daily Mail
Daily Mail

The leak also claims that Apple will remove the “iPhone” branding from the back of its 2019 handsets — presumably just leaving the Apple logo. That isn’t too far-fetched, since it would fit into Apple’s more minimalist design aesthetic and the Apple logo itself is pretty iconic.

Additionally, the supposed leaker also says the “iPhone 11 Max” will have a 3,969mAh battery. That’s quite a bit larger than the 3,174mAh battery in the iPhone XS Max. It also lines up with previous reports that the 2019 iPhones will sport bigger batteries. But, of course, it’s unclear if that specific number will turn out to be accurate.

Lastly, the leaker claims that the rear camera will still produce 12-megapixel images, but could come with a “special coating” for “better visual integrity.” The triple-lens camera may also work with an “RGD mode,” though the leaker didn’t offer any additional details.

Less Interesting Details

In addition to the details we haven’t seen before, the alleged Foxconn employee also offered features and changes that have surfaced in past reports.

For example, the leaker confirms that the new iPhones come with a triple-lens camera, a “double-layer motherboard,” a three-tier storage capacity, and “no change to the front panel” or port standard.

The lack of 3D Touch on the new iPhones could also result in a thinner display. The leaker also claims that the back glass will be matte and that there won’t be any change to the Mute switch.

Are These Legitimate?

As always, it’s important to note that these are just rumors. More than that, they come from a currently unverified source — so it’s probably smart to take the information with an extra helping of salt.

That’s especially true since the sketchy rumor mill always heats up just prior to iPhone season. And just because some of the details in the report are corroborated and accurate doesn’t mean that they all are.

Still, we’re very likely less than a month away from a possible Apple announcement. So we won’t have to wait long to find out which rumors end up being true.

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