The best age combination for parents having a baby

The best age combination for parents having a baby

What kind of wife to marry or marry to what kind of husband can give birth to a genius baby? In fertility topics, scientists focus on the genetic. Research shows that, some kind of “optimization combination” is easy to get a genius baby.


The Optimal combination: men is about 7 years older than women

Optimized combination of male and female reproductive age should be the men 7 years older than the women. Father is aged, and intelligence is relatively mature, the genetic to the next generation of “password” will be more; mother is young, full of vitality, will give the fetus to create a more favorable environment conducive to the birth, so this “optimization” can easy get a genius baby.


Male best age: 30-35 years old

In the reproductive problems, scientists focus on the genetic. Research results show that the children are the best quality when the man is at the age of 30-35 years old. The male sperm quality reached the peak at the age of 30, and can last for 5 years.


Female best age: 23-30 years old

The best reproductive age for women is age between 23-30 years old. The female body is fully mature, and with high quality eggs during this age period. If have a baby at this ages, birth risk is small, good fetal growth, the lowest rate of premature delivery, malformation and dementia.

The husband and wife in this age, life experience is rich, be full of go to be capable of bringing good baby. If women take pregnancy in early age, fetal and maternal will argue the nutrition for the developing, so this is not good for maternal health and fetal development is not good.


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