What should be ringing in the ears?

What should be ringing in the ears?

Ringing in the ears can be a common nuisance for anyone, which can develop at any time however when the difficulty is recurrent and chronic could be a more serious disorder such as tinnitus. This problem is characterized by a constant ringing, buzzing that affects one ear or both more often than not produced by the transmission of sounds, or auditory nerve since the ear is filled with fluid. In most cases it can only be heard in the mind of the person concerned and may be associated with hearing loss. It is therefore very chief to distinguish between one momentary caused by something special, and that caused by chronic tinnitus, which implies the existence of a greater hearing problem.


What are the symptoms of tinnitus?

  • A person may suspect that you have tinnitus if you experience the following symptoms:
  • Frequent noise
  • Beeps
  • Whistles in one or both ears
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What causes tinnitus?

Tinnitus is not considered alone as a disease but appears as a sign of problems associated with the auditory system. In fact, several parts of this system, including the ear, may be defective and lead to the onset of tinnitus. Most diagnoses of this nuisance no one particular cause, but what is known is that can have an impact on hearing health. In this case it would be considered a primary tinnitus and requires immediate medical attention. There is also a secondary type, characterized by having a specific cause that does not involve hearing loss, but the drone. Usually, all causes are linked with system problems hearing for this is quite sensible.

  • Accumulation of wax in the outer ear
  • Some loose hair in the ear canal touching the eardrum.
  • Middle ear infections or hardening of the small bones found in this region.
  • Exposure to loud noises
  • The presence of a foreign body or agent inside the ear
  • Blows to the ears
  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Consumption of drugs
  • Have heart disease or obesity
  • Tumors in the ears
  • Perforated eardrums

Although health care is required to take release of a proper diagnosis several healthy and natural habits can help reduce symptoms.

Check obesity and cholesterol

Patients who fail to lose 10% of their levels of obesity and bad cholesterol in the blood can significantly reduce this uneasiness.

Adopt a healthy diet

Ideally get better nutrition through the adoption of a diet rich in vegetables, vitamins, minerals, protein and antioxidants while reducing excess fat and sugar.

Avoid loud noises

People who for one reason or another have to undergo constant loud noises and annoying have a higher risk of losing their hearing and tinnitus. It is therefore very significant to avoid this type of exposure and if so use some form of hearing protection to reduce the negative crash of sound in the ear canal. For its high content of acetylsalicylic acid aspirin and the like as willow and meadowsweet they should not be taken because they can worsen symptoms.


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