Philips V60 Plus Non-Invasive Ventilator with High Flow Therapy Unveiled

Philips V60 Plus Non-Invasive Ventilator with High Flow Therapy Unveiled

Philips has unveiled and received European CE Mark approval for a new non-invasive ventilator, the V60 Plus, that features high flow therapy.

Typically high flow therapy is not available in a non-invasive ventilator, requiring frequent switching in the ICU, slowing delivery of therapy, causing hardship for patients, and eating into clinicians’ time.

The Philips V60 Plus overcomes this by allowing fast switching between therapy types. Moreover, Philips offers features on the system that help to wean patients off of the ventilation therapy.

“When treating respiratory patients in Intensive and Emergency Care settings, it’s critical for clinicians to be able to wean efficiently or to quickly escalate care depending on their patient’s condition and specific needs.  This often means complex workflows and alternating devices in time-sensitive situations,” said Jim Alwan, in a statement, Business Leader of Philips Hospital Respiratory Care. “We are excited to offer a comprehensive noninvasive solution that enables quick therapy and interface transitions, so clinicians can focus on providing for their patients while spending less time setting up equipment.”

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